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How Quality Video Boosts Conversions

Back in the day Dave Chapelle did this hilarious sketch about if the internet were a real place. You can see it here: – Watch More Funny Videos If The Internet Was Real This was from 2006 – and basically on the web Dave is constantly barraged with porn, gambling, and ...

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The Not Stupid Way to Follow Your Passion

I’m a huge advocate for monetizing your passion, not “following” it. There’s a right way & a wrong way, and what most people believe about “following their passion” is pretty stupid. Here in the West, we’re taught that if you go to school, study hard, and get a degree, you’ll get ...

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The Truth About Networking in College

One of the biggest reasons students are told they need college is for “socialization” and “networking”. There’s a fantastic cultural vision people have that inside a college campus sons and daughters will be connected with some magical insider to the industry of their choice, who will then usher them into ...

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Are Ivy League Students Mindless Sheep?

William “How Do You Pronounce That?” Deresiewicz is a Yale and Columbia educated author who has the balls to call out the college admission process as “teaching kids to jump through hoops”. In his new book, “Excellent Sheep“, Deresiewicz exposes in vivid detail the mindless, arduous process of memorizing and regurgitating information, taking ...

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College Degrees in Use: Waiters, Bartenders, and Bouncers

This is a hilarious truthful picture of what actually happens to college graduates. Peter Schiff walked around Bourbon Streetin New Orleans for a night and asked people working in service jobs about their education. How many bartenders, waitresses, and strip club bouncers do you think have a Bachelor’s Degree? A ...

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3 Ways College Is Like The Evil Empire

The stranglehold that colleges hold over the collective population’s imagination and wallets is something that parallels even the most outrageous science fiction. What other product could be such a staggering failure and yet still compel lower and middle class citizens to go deeply into debt to pay for it? It’s ...

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Free Report: How to Monetize Your Passion

In this report, I want to tell you how I turned my Passion for filmmaking (and ZERO marketing experience) into thousands of dollars a month in Passive Income.  It allowed me to take control of my finances and even upgrade from my trusty 2001 Honda Accord to my awesome 306 ...

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If you didn’t know what eating was, you’d think people were just slowly stealing small amounts of food and hiding them in their stomachs.

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Porno for Pets

What if pets had their own porn industry? I’ll bet it would be videos of bones & car bumpers for dogs. Socks & furniture for cats. And there’d probably be fewer HIV scares.

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Socks are like condoms for your feet.

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