College Degrees in Use: Waiters, Bartenders, and Bouncers

college graduates working service jobs

“If I didn’t have an Economics degree, I wouldn’t know how terrible my life is making minimum ge!”

This is a hilarious truthful picture of what actually happens to college graduates. Peter Schiff walked around Bourbon Streetin New Orleans for a night and asked people working in service jobs about their education. How many bartenders, waitresses, and strip club bouncers do you think have a Bachelor’s Degree?

A lot.

While this is only an anecdotal video with a handful of people interviewed, a study cited in a Forbes article titled “Half of College Grads are Working Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree” is not. From that article:

“Six times as many graduates are working in retail or hospitality as had originally planned. Since there are 1.7 million grads who are getting bachelor’s degrees this year, that means 120,000 young people are working as waiters, Gap salespeople, and baristas because it was the only work they could find.”

Iif you follow the logic put forth by your high school guidance counselors and the geniuses at the College Board, there shouldn’t be any people with college degrees (much less multiple degrees or Master’s Degrees) being forced to work such shit jobs. Shouldn’t the doors of industry being opened to welcome these finely educated graduates?

No, because that’s not how it works. The marketplace is flooded with too many graduates who have degrees on topics that are irrelevant to anything in the real world. (“Larry! Quick, I need someone to compare historical themes of various periods of American history into a thesis paper. Stat!”)

But even worse, there’s no common sense – simply put, your courses in college are taught in a fantasy land called Academia. Like Narnia. Did you think reading Huck Finn for the 10th time was going to prepare you for a career? Or was studying political science going to help you become a politician?

High Schoolers, take note: this could be you. The video is great, but I’ve actually taken the time to list out the various jobs people are actually working along with their degree.

Degree                                                                           Job

 Mathematics, Evolutionary Biology Holding a Sign Outside Strip Club
Physical Education Stripper
History/English Bike Taxi Drvier
Robotics Strip Club Worker
Business Bartender
Communications Dishwasher
Graphic Design Cashier at Smoothie Shop
Business Management Busboy
Psychology Bouncer
Science Limo Driver
Business Administration Bouncer at Strip Club
Economics Holding Sign Outside Strip Club
Asian Studies Cashier
Political Science Limo Driver
Linguistics/Psychology Bike Taxi Driver
Biology Waiter
Linguistics/Psychology Bike Taxi Driver
Advertising & Religious Studies Bike Taxi Driver
Mechanical Engineering Bike Taxi Driver
Biological Sciences Bike Taxi Driver
Engineering Tarot Reader
Neuroscience Bike Taxi Driver

“Anyone here with a college degree? Get me another beer!”

High School Parents Should Know These College Grad Statistics

What’s so sad is that most high school parents don’t even seem to pay attention to ever growing crisis that is crippling graduates financially. They still rely on propaganda from places like “The College Board” and 20 year old data from the BLS – outdated numbers that unscientifically demonstrate the “earning power” of someone with a degree.

Parents: wise up. Look at the current numbers and think about your kid’s future. Do you want them waiting tables with $50,000 in debt and a liberal arts degree?

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