How Quality Video Boosts Conversions

Back in the day Dave Chapelle did this hilarious sketch about if the internet were a real place. You can see it here:

This was from 2006 – and basically on the web Dave is constantly barraged with porn, gambling, and other low brow sketchy characters.

The internet of 2015 is a lot different. It’s more mainstream and a lot bigger, but users are still often spammed and sold with so many different offers, deals, popups, pop unders, etc. that it makes you feel like a piece of meat.

Glitzy salesy crap doesn’t work anymore.

People want transparency, authenticity, to know that you aren’t trying to rip them off.

That’s the power of video.

Now I’m all for faceless Camtasia videos and have even used them myself to do technical walk throughs and sell affiliates products.

But when you look at the biggest names in Internet Marketing, you’ll find they all show their faces. And that brings them more sales.

When Does Showing Your Face Matter?

If you go on the website Clickbank, you’ll see a ton of information products that are selling like mad. They are on things like weight loss, hemorrhoid relief, getting your ex back, getting laid, acne. These are what we call “Desperation Niches” – an audience of people who is desperate for a solution to their problem and may even be embarrassed – these markets can be highly profitable, but they are limited and frankly I don’t have much fun promoting for them.

When your customer is that desperate, you can pretty much show them a picture of a dog humping a cactus and if you promise to relieve their pain you’ll get a response. And if you look at the sales videos for some of these products, you’ll see they are done in the old school method: videos with powerpoint/text and a voiceover.

I actually used that tried and true method to sell many copies of my first course “Film School Secrets”. And it can still be effective when promoting some affiliate products.

However, here’s a secret. In 2010 when I tried selling my course using only text and voiceover videos (Faceless Videos), my conversion rate was…. ZERO. That’s right. I made no sales.

Then,  went ahead and hired a videographer and added a minute of my face to the front and back of the video.

seth video old fss


And after that, I started making sales.

Look at David D’Angelo (Eban Pagan), creator of Double Your Dating – that ebook makes millions of dollars each year. And on his home page what do you see? Good old Eban’s face smiling right at you showing you he’s a real guy you can trust.

Official Double Your Dating   David DeAngelo s Double Your Dating


There are many more examples: think of the people you follow and trust online, and chances are they show their face. It’s the age of transparency.

The tools available to get great video are right at your fingertips. You don’t need to pay for an expensive videographer and feel like your under the gun while they shoot you. You can shoot as many high quality amazing videos of yourself as you want, communicating your value and connecting with your audience, on your own terms.

That’s what I teach in Movie Star Marketer. I mean these are just normal folks, and look how good they look using just a few simple techniques with a DSLR camera:

A Simple Camera Makes You Look Like a Million Bucks

A Simple Camera Makes You Look Like a Million Bucks

So go ahead, give your business the facelift it deserves and start shooting high quality video that does justice to your message.

Start now by clicking here! 


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