Make Money From Your Passion: The Definitive Course

If you want to learn how to make sales while you are doing other things, this course is for you.

If you want to learn how to make sales and passive income while you are doing other things, this course is for you.

Who Is This Course For?

  • If you’ve ever dreamed of making extra money through your own ideas, creativity, and contributing to others online, but don’t know how, then this course is for you.
  • If you have a blog that you are completely psyched about, but you haven’t been able to get much traffic to it or make any money with it, then this course is for you.
  • If you are a coach or consultant who is burned out because you are constantly prospecting for new clients and have no additional sources of passive income, then this course is for you. 
You can earn income helping people with your knowledge, life experience, and passion. You don’t have to be an expert, a tech whiz, or rich, and you can do it while you are still in school or working a day job.

However, It’s Not THAT Simple…

When it comes to making money online, on one end of the spectrum there are the “get rich quick” sites, promising easy money through some “secret loophole” and no work. Those are a complete rip off. Things like this:

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This isn’t too much of an exaggeration of some make money online courses

People who are smart enough to see through the con of those courses then turn to information on how to “make money blogging”. There are literally hundreds of websites and courses on this topic, but most of these are pretty thin, oversimplifying the process.

Make Money Blogging?

Blogging: Lots of Hype, But How Much Substance?

You can’t just launch a blog and hope to earn income, and that’s why 90% of bloggers never make a dime. You’ve got a lot of potentially well meaning but ineffective training on blogging that gets people psyched up about creating content and sharing their message with the world, but it doesn’t provide any training on real strategies to get traffic and how to monetize that traffic once you get it.

The Solution: 15 Hours of Real Training

This is the course I wish I’d had when I was first trying to make money online. It’s extremely detailed and in depth, but also easy to understand and fun to follow. If you can surf the web and know how to use a word processor, you can learn this stuff. The course is full of videos, links, and PDF outlines to make the learning curve easy.

You’ll learn how to research and find a profitable topic based on what you are passionate about, how you can build a marketable product based on your knowledge with just a Word Processor, microphone, and a few simple programs, and how to easily build a professional looking and engaging website from scratch to promote your product. Plus, how to get visitors to your site and convert them into fans and customers.

Why 15 Hours? Because the world is littered with ebooks on blogging that are left dormant on people’s hard drives, unread or unused. It’s easy to get hyped up about blogging and read about the basics, but then what? I wanted to take people by the hand and explain not only the technical side of things but the thought process that goes into building a web based business. I am a “question asker” so I anticipated a lot of the questions that aren’t asked or addressed in other courses in my lectures.

The 15 Hours is broken into easy to digest modules and worksheets – you can binge on this knowledge in a couple of days or watch it a half hour at a time . Within a few days to a week you will know exactly how to set up and promote your product and receive income.

I’m not a millionaire, but I’m an internet thousand-aire and will show you exactly what I did to earn passive income online. You may be wondering if you can really do it. Here is a secret: just HAVING a quality website makes you an instant authority. I have never won an Oscar, but I’ve taught filmmaking to hundreds of students. You might also be thinking you need to make fancy videos. Not so, I made thousands through my courses (on filmmaking!) using simple videos you can make too.

Start out slow and steady...

Start out slow and steady…

You Can Be an Internet Thousand-Aire Too

…and build up from there into an Internet Thousand-Aire

I then show you how to get traffic to your site, not just any traffic but people who are interested in what you are sharing, and how to share your passion with them in such a way that they want to buy from you. (That’s “selling”, but I called it “sharing”).

This stuff isn’t hard, it just takes a little while to learn. At the same time, there are now colleges requiring $50,000 and 3 years for what I will teach you in a few days for less than a month’s worth of gas. And that’s why I created this course.

make money from your passion
You’ll get:

  • Over 15 Hours (YES) of Step by Step Training & 46 Lectures
  • You’ll learn how to create an actual marketable Product from your life experience, knowledge, and passion
  • Learn how nearly any topic or passion can be monetized (hint: there are people making money selling products on film, knitting, skiing, juggling, video games, guitar playing, plus helping people with health, fitness, relationship, and money related issues and much more..)
  • You’ll learn how your Passion & Knowledge has value, and how they can help you find opportunities nobody else sees
  • You’ll learn how to make that product tangible and available to people (as an ebook or video course) using a few simple computer programs & a few days of your time
  • You’ll learn how to make money promoting other people’s products in your niche (Affiliate Marketing)
  • You’ll learn how to get beautiful, personalized cover art to give your product legitimacy and power (no lame stock photos or designs) at unbelievably low prices
  • You’ll learn how to make Professional Looking and Sounding Videos even if you have no experience
  • You’ll learn how to effectively market that product, even if you have no previous sales or marketing experience
  • You’ll learn how to build an attractive website (web design) from scratch even if you aren’t a designer (I’m not); but not just to look pretty, to convert visitors into customers
  • You’ll learn how to make your Passion Product available to anyone on the web and receive payment instantly
  • You’ll learn how to easily inspire people to buy from you just being yourself (without being “salesy”).
  • You’ll learn how to use Passion Based Keyword Research and SEO to get free targeted traffic to your Product Site
  • You’ll get specific examples of profitable websites with powerful analysis that will help you be a better marketer, even if you don’t know what “marketing” means!
  • You’ll learn how to get hundreds of strangers to send traffic to your site and pimp out your Passion Product
  • You’ll learn Basic & Advanced Techniques for Getting Organic Traffic (Free Traffic) to Your Site
  • You’ll learn how to get ultra targeted, instant traffic to your site by spending as little as $10 a day and partnering with companies like Youtube & Facebook (Display Marketing)
  • You’ll learn to avoid many of the common pitfalls of newcomers who are trying to make money on the internet
  • You’ll learn simple but effective sales psychology – how to engage your visitors, make them more likely to buy and share your message!
  • You’ll learn how to “build a list” of customers and fans and use email marketing for profit (Email Marketing)
  • You’ll learn Ninja Tactics the Big Corporations use to “Spy” on your website visitors to understand their behavior then secretly follow them around the internet to get them back to your site
  • An In Depth Picture of The Whole Puzzle – from concept, making a product, traffic generation, and selling it (Analytics & Tracking)
  • You’ll get a Case Study of my own profitable Passion Product “Film School Secrets” ($97 Value)
  • You’ll get a powerful & realistic plan of action and realistic expectations from someone who has successfully monetized his passion for 4 years – and if you follow the directions you can have your own product and site completed within a week.

On top of that, you’ll be learning web based marketing skills that are highly in demand today. A course like this could easily be selling for more than $1,000, but I want to make it accessible. So I’m offering the course for only $197.

How to Monetize Your Passion In Depth

Add to Cart – $197

 Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


I want you to be thrilled with this course, so it comes with an ironclad guarantee.You have 2 whole months to review and enjoy Passion Product Profit – dig into it and take some action.

If at any time you feel it’s not worth it and are not satisfied, you can simply send us an email and we will send you a full refund.

For any questions or concerns please email us at info at sethjared dot com.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Q: What exactly do you mean by monetize your passion? Are you saying I can play the trombone and make millions? Is this the same as saying follow your passion and the money will appear? (click arrow for answer)

Q: What exactly do you mean by monetize your passion? Are you saying I can play the trombone and make millions? Is this the same as saying follow your passion and the money will appear? (click arrow for answer)

A: Absolutely not! Let’s be real: if “following your passion” alone led to success and fulfillment then there’s be about a million more movie and rock stars, and everyone would win at “American Idol”.

The reality is that to profit you have the combine the things you are passionate about with marketing and business sense.

That can look like effectively selling your music or artwork – we cover that in this course, but the main focus is teaching other people about your passion or how to do things related to your passion to generate income. You will learn how to create your own information product which can be sold like any physical product (shoes, socks, a boat, etc.)

Anyone you’ve ever heard of who is making passive income online is doing so this way. 

This worksheet breaks it down:

Q: 15 Hours of Training? Is that necessary? Sounds overwhelming. (click arrow for answer)

Q: 15 Hours of Training? Is that necessary? Sounds overwhelming. (click arrow for answer)

A: In my own experience going from a wanna be internet marketer to someone who actually makes sales, I learned that while ebooks can give you the basic concepts of how to make money online, you are going to have to get more in depth info to really figure it out.

And most courses, while well meaning, leave too many things out. A course on blogging may discuss your message, but it won’t talk about traffic. A course on social media won’t talk about how to monetize your leads. I had to piece all this stuff together when I was starting out and I always wanted to make one course that would cover it all.

If you want to learn all this in 20 minutes and expect to earn income, then it isn’t for you and you likely aren’t going to make any money online.

However, the information is packaged in easy to consume and lively videos that are broken up into segments – depending on how fast you like to learn, you can take the entire course in a couple of days or watch a half hour a day for 2 weeks.

Q: Will I make money with my product? And how quickly?

A: I have put together products and launched sites within a few days and had sales within a week. Will this be the case for you? I don’t know – it depends on if you take

Q: What if I don't know what my passion is? Or if I have more than one? (click arrow for answer)

Q: What if I don't know what my passion is? Or if I have more than one? (click arrow for answer)

A: Half the fun of the course is the brainstorming and research process – when you realize that there are so many things you can make products about. Even if you aren’t clear right now about exactly what your passion is (hint: there isn’t one right answer), the process of imagining and exploring will help you discover more than you realized.

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